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The Solis series Compact Induction Lamps (CIL's) provide all the benefits of compact fluorescent lamps in the sam compact size. These lamps are efficient at +85 lumens per watt and provide 100,000 hours average life. The Tri-phosphor coatings on these lamps render colors closer to that of nature allowing a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 90+ (5000K) and is available in a variety of color temperatures.


Features and Benefits

• 100,00 Hour Life
• Instant "on"
• No color shift, no flicker
• Wide Operating Temp Range
-20°C - 50°C / -4°F - 122° F
• Reduces costs of lamp change-outs
• At least 10 times the life of ordinary compact fluorescent lamps
• High Color Rendering @ 90+
• High efficacy; 85 + lumens per watt
• 23-watt connected load
•120V standard (277V upon request)
• Mean Lumens: 2,001
• Scotopic lumens (5000k) 3,500+
• Available in 15 and 23 watts
• Wide range of Color Temperatures 2700K, 3500K, 4100K
& 5000K

• Downlighting
• Extreme Temperature Environments
• Difficult to Service Areas
• Frequently Cycled Applications (for use with many Occupancy Sensors)
• Outdoor Lighting
• Reducing Connected Eletrical Loads
• Available for new & custom fixtures, retrofit & refurbishing of existing luminaires
• Only limited by your imagination