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This is a product specially designed for those existing multi-lamped fluorescent hibay installations. With a small ceiling opening to floor space, the client can turn his lights " off" and average of 80% of daylight hours!!! Besides, these high efficient skylights introduce the highest quality of daylight into the interior environment with no solar heat gain or loss through the skylight. Having fixtures constantly cycling "on/off" with sensors can be annoying and expensive and standard fluorescents can't match the comfort of a natural light conditioning system.

Now it is possible to feel like you are working outside with all of the benefits of your existing interior. AES Daylight skylights can develop up to an R48 insulation value, making it possible to install them in industrial cooler and freezer boxes and warehouses. The linear fluorescent fixtures are automatically controlled to a designed light level. The controller reads daytime light levels with a digital photocell and adjusts the interior fixtures accordingly. Sensors and over-ride switches can also be added to allow even more energy savings or temporary higher light levels. The controller will automatically reset the next day.

AES light conditioning systems will optimize your lighting energy dollars and not sacrifice the quality of the your lighting installation.