Ice Station Ice Hockey Facility
Valencia, California



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Thermal Scan


The owners and engineers were told that they should consider using AES daylight harvesting skylights in their new facility. The end result would be a light conditioning system that would reduce their lighting "no" hours by 80% of daylight hours and greatly increase the visual comfort of the skaters.

The standard thought was that skylights would greatly increase the need for refrigerant to keep the ice frozen & create annoying shadows. After complete testing, AES showed the Thermal scan report and the R48 insulating rating of their skylights. They also proposed (prior to having induction) a multi-lamped 2x2 fluorescent lighting system to replace the more common 400-watt metal halide system. If you look closely, the artificial lighting fixtures are "off".

Let DAS Lighting help you develop a light conditioning system for your next installation.

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