Crystal Springs Village
San Mateo, California


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Crystal Springs Village

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University Pedestrian Walkway


DAS Lighting's was asked to build exterior lighting fixtures based upon a design his client had in mind. The original fixture was a casting and impossible to duplicate, so DAS Lighting had a complete series of fixture designed and constructed of heavy-duty brass.   The patina finish is covered with a special clear powdercoat paint to insure it will not run or fade. Since each fixture is fitted with a NexLume 40 or 80-watt Orbis 5000k system, it was important that the fixtures last as long as the lamp (100,000 hours)!

As you can see, the client has an eye for quality and detail. These will be the last exterior fixtures his center will ever need.

The next project for DAS Lighting will be to build retrofit kits for the existing security and up lighting fixtures of Crystal Springs Village.