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The Facilities management had a couple of lighting applications that needed induction assistance. The first was (48) 250-watt pendants used around the entire arena in the concession area. These pendants are on 24/7 and backed up with a generator.   The constant color shifting and burnouts were a maintenance nightmare. DAS Lighting designed a retrofit kit that used an AES NexLume 120-watt Orbis in 5000k.

The sample was a success and so was the retrofit done by arena personnel.   Saving about 180 watts a fixture was just one advantage. The finishing touch was the prismatic lens that DAS Lighting placed toward the bottom of the fixture to conceal the lamp.   Aesthetics are important too.

The next was the retrofitting of (72) recessed CFL lensed downlights. Like the pendants, these fixtures also burn 24/7 and are on the same generator. Maintenance was constantly replacing each of the 2 x 18-watt CFL's yearly. DAS Lighting used at NexLume 23-watt Solis with equal success.  

The arena is becoming sustainable and is looking at other NexLume induction applications to save energy, greatly reduce maintenance and liability throughout their property.